Freedom Filled Living

with Debs Thorpe​


I'm so glad you're here.

If you are searching for more, trying to find the answer to that inner longing that just won't be silenced...

Then you're in the right place...


Hi I'm Debs...

I'm an entrepreneur who has spent my whole life helping people just like you to break free.

You've spent your whole life doing what 'should' make you happy, so why is it that there is still a restlessness inside that you can't settle?

Through my many years as a counsellor, couples therapist, trainer, coach and business owner, I create unique experiences for you to break free and find the answers you're looking for...

How I help you...

I get that you are smart and switched on.

You have already achieved so much. And yet there is still that inner longing, that small voice that won't be silenced.

Despite your life being as full as ever, you're still not happy.

You feel like you've plateaued. And it hurts.

After all, why can't you just snap out of it..?

Hence why now is the time to find the answers to the questions you don't even know how to ask yet...


This isn't your standard 'do this get this result' coaching. We bring together different approaches to help you discover the insights you need...

This is for you if:

  • You are done with spending one more day like this, you want change now
  • You want flexibility in how we work together
  • You desire one on one, dedicated time.

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I am all about creating a life you don't need to escape from, however, one of the quickest ways to create change is by physically changing your environment too...

This is for you if:

  • The thought of travelling to a stunning location lights you up
  • You want to spend focused, intensive time together
  • You want a bespoke experience created for you

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I love teaching and equipping people with the tools to help them create a freedom filled successful life. Here in the academy we give you those tools.

This is for you if:

  • You are a motivated self learner who wants tools you can implement now
  • You want flexibility in how and when you learn
  • You want to be part of a community of similar souls to share insights with

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Let's Connect

I get that this is a step into the unknown, hence why I offer a 30 minute consultation to find out if we are a match to work together.