Get out of your head

One thing that can happen when we’re stressed or anxious, is that we get stuck in our head. We can’t seem to break the incessant downward spiral of thoughts, especially in the early hours of the morning, when all we want to do is sleep. The key to breaking this, is to get out of our heads. We won’t get anywhere by just ‘thinking more’. So other than physically moving in… Read More »Get out of your head

Ever feel like a fraud..?

Quite often, even when we’re in the midst of the height of our careers and success, we can be plagued by feeling like a fraud. Like people would disown us and see us in a whole new light if they really knew what was going on, what a crumpled mess we feel like inside. It can be the loneliest place as we hide it all away, expending more and more… Read More »Ever feel like a fraud..?

Release Negative Thoughts

There are times when we can get totally caught up in a downward spiral of negative thoughts. Here I guide you through a super easy way to release them. Enjoy 🙂