My Passion, My Purpose...

There seems to be something that we are all striving for. That holy grail, if only we can just 'get there'.

So we work hard, stay focused and put up with all of the sacrifices along the way...

But what happens when we make it, what happens when we 'get there' and well, it just doesn't feel as we'd imagined..?

It's now about taking a different journey, one that doesn't require you to 'do' anymore...

And that's my passion. Guiding you through a whole different journey, one that leads you to a place of real fulfillment and freedom to be who you truly are.

​My Life...

From a very young age I always felt different.

I was always somehow older than my years and was fascinated by the world around me.​

I was an academic​, a high achiever, forever pushing myself.​ 

Outside of school, I was always active and on the go. At 13 I joined my local Air Cadets where I further excelled (very stubbornly never accepting that I couldn't do something). I scaled the Yorkshire 3 peaks, did lots of charity work, got my marksman and competed in lots of sports.​​

Whilst at college, I worked 3 part-time jobs and​ loved the challenge of seeing what I was capable of.

Married at 18, my life slowed somewhat, and I focused on my counselling career. It was during my couples therapy training that I realised my marriage was no longer working. Somewhere along the line, I lost my identity and I needed to reclaim it. It was one of two times in my life, when I had become a fraction of the person I knew I was.

So I left with a few belongings and started afresh somewhere new. This time it led me to start a whole new adventure- one of starting my own business.​

With big dreams and aspirations, ​despite the incredibly long hours and little reward in the beginning, I loved it. I was truly making a difference with something that I had created.

But one night, after one meltdown too many. I was hit by a sudden realisation, I had been in this place before.

I no longer recognised who I was and I had fallen out of love with the very thing I had created. I was devastated.

Bruised and broken, I knew it had to change.​ And so did I.

So I made some decisions and began to change it around. It took less than a year to build a life and a business that I fell in love with again.

To anyone on the outside, it was always business as usual, but for me, the change was immense.

I finally felt like I'd cracked it. ​

And so, hence my passion for helping you get unstuck. I don't want you to stay in this place for any longer than you need to. I promise you, it's truly incredible on the other side...​

My Qualifications...