The Confidence Kit

Whether you are having a crisis of confidence, or feel like this has always been a weak area for you, there are times when we can all benefit from a confidence boost.

And this is exactly what this mini course is.

It has bite size lessons that you can easily digest that make a powerful impact to your confidence.

So, if you’re feeling;

  • like you want to go for something outside your comfort zone (e.g. a promotion) but lack the confidence to fully go for it


  • you are changing physically through good nutrition and exercise, and yet you still don’t feel great about your body


  • you long to ‘just be happy’ within yourself, but that critical voice just won’t let up

Then this is the course for you!

It contains;

  • lessons to unlock your subconscious which ensure deep, lasting changes
  • guided meditations to tap into the power of your unconscious mind
  • short, yet powerful, exercises to make the switch to a more confident you


User Avatar Debbie Thorpe