Work With Me...

Integrative Coaching

This isn't your typical talking session. The greatest shifts happen when you experience and then integrate your discoveries, which is exactly what we do. Available at select locations in the South West or worldwide via Zoom.

Individual 90 min session £125

Bespoke Programs

This where real, long term shifts happen. As we work with releasing all that's holding you back, reconnect you with your truest self and begin building a life that's aligned to you. Get ready for your heart to be on fire for yourself and life once more.

Typically 3-6 months from £3,000

You know those day dreams you have…

The ones where you feel yourself drift away into a parallel universe..?

Where you are immersed in a reality where you feel happy, free and full of passion..?

They are telling you something.

They are telling you another way is possible.

That a life beyond the one you are currently living is meant for you.

That you are, indeed, meant for more than this.

So are you ready to find out more?