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The Cave

Ahhh the bit that no-one talks about, the part of life where you have forgotten your light.

Maybe you’ve been caught in the chaos for too long, maybe you’ve been under attack or nothing is working out as you thought.

Maybe the pain of others is overwhelming, the sheer depth of despair is all encompassing.

You’ve no longer got any energy left to fight, you feel like you’re drowning, and despite all of the tools and tricks you know to keep yourself high vibe- you still can’t stay afloat.

So you retreat to the cave, to the darkness, to the cold. To the safety of being apart, alone, isolated. 

At least no-one can get you here.

You give in to the darkness as you feel it infiltrate every part of your being. You forget the light, both within and out there.

All that’s left is numbness.

Every now and again you see glimpses of life outside your walls and you feel a tinge of regret. As the thoughts of being a failure rise up and beat you down until you curl up on the ground- foetal. 

“What is wrong with you?!”

“Why can’t you just ‘get on with it’ like everyone else?!”

“You have nothing to be depressed about!”

And as you look out across the world you wonder, who can truly look upon the devastation and destruction, the greed and the poverty, the lies and the broken promises, and not feel the weight of that on their very soul?

In these moments of helplessness, hopelessness and pain, you retreat to your cave, believing that you are somehow failing at life, at being human.

What you don’t see is this is your place to regroup, recharge and rediscover. That there is a whole tribe of spirits, angels, ancestors and animals that are here to help you heal.

They will show you the light in the world, in the Universe, and reflect it right back to you. So as you see it in others, you can once again see it in yourself.

The cave is never about you failing, it’s merely a forgetting of the light.

And in those times of that light being obscured, take refuge in the cave and allow it to show you the light that is always there, shining brightly above and within.

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