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Love Notes From Nature- S01 E01

The Best Place For You...

One, slightly sunny but very windy, day after my counselling session, I went to one of my soul-nurturing local nature spots. After ordering my favourite sandwich and drink, I headed down a pathway taking me to the edge of the cliff.

The first two benches were taken by others. Knowing I wanted to be alone, I kept walking and discovered another bench, this time unoccupied.

I felt my heart leap with gratitude, feeling like this bench had been reserved just for me.


Upon taking my seat though I soon discovered just how windy it really was.

Away from the protection of the side of the cliff, the bench was totally exposed. It was cold and I sat there wondering just how I was going to manage to eat my sandwich without it blowing away.


I looked back towards the shelter of the side of the cliff. I felt torn.

I mean this bench had been reserved just for me, right? How ungrateful of me to think of going somewhere else. I really should just enjoy the view and ignore the freezing cold wind.


And yet…


I picked up my things and headed to a more sheltered spot. Sitting on the ground amongst the ferns and flowers, I felt even more connected to nature. Whilst also being able to enjoy this time without feeling battered by nature’s power.

Because I was more comfortable, I could stay and soak up all of the goodness for longer. I could fully open myself to the nourishment (and lesson) that I so needed.

“Oh my brave, strong child. You have been battling for so long you’ve forgotten that you have a choice.

You get to choose the less obvious path; the one that supports you, nourishes you, sustains you.

There are times when the winds of nature will free you and energise you. There are times when those same winds feel like a beating you don’t have the energy to take.

Just because something may appear the obvious choice, doesn’t make it the right one for you.

Take a breath, look around and tune in.

Maybe you can take a step to the side or behind you to find that sweet spot of what you most need right now.

Drop the judgment and be open to new ways of seeing things.”

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