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Get out of your head

One thing that can happen when we’re stressed or anxious, is that we get stuck in our head. We can’t seem to break the incessant downward spiral of thoughts, especially in the early hours of the morning, when all we want to do is sleep.

The key to breaking this, is to get out of our heads. We won’t get anywhere by just ‘thinking more’.

So other than physically moving in someway, going for a walk for example, we can bring our attention down into our bodies and let that guide us.

There is such a huge amount of wisdom held in every cell in our body, it’s truly powerful when we tune into it.

So here’s a short guided meditation to guide you into bringing your attention to your body and what it has to say.

Feel free to download this to your phone to listen to when you’re in bed at night.

Click here to access.

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