From Burnout to Thriving

Discover how I finally got out of the burnout cycle and into thriving in every area of my life

Debs Thorpe

5/20/20242 min read

Before I take you on a little journey, I'd like to welcome you in to my life as it is right now...

As I write this, I have not long returned from 8 weeks travelling Europe enjoying the most amazing experiences, beautiful scenery and friendly people. You can find out more about that here.

It was a trip I had dreamt about for years, but for so long, felt an impossibility. You know that experience of dreaming of the life you truly would have if it was possible but your actual reality being so far from that?

Well that was me. The girl with big dreams, the work ethic to make stuff happen and endure hardships, but who also seemed to have this amazing knack of creating an amazing life for everyone else but herself...So let's go back to the beginning and see where it all began.

One of my core values has always been freedom. In every sense of the word. Many of my big life decisions have been because of that desire.

Leaving home at 18, pursuing a career, getting a divorce and moving somewhere new, starting my own business, to name a few. I made all of those decisions with the belief that they ultimately would move me closer to freedom. What I didn't know about was the underlying subconscious programming that would keep me on the outside of the glass looking in at freedom for many, many years...

Like many, I come from a fairly typical working class background. I was taught a strong work ethic, I was rewarded for working hard and achieving. I was also taught to follow your dreams and go for what you want.

What I wasn't taught was how a trauma blueprint can keep those two beliefs apart and cause a rollercoaster of anguish, shame and resentment.

Let's face it, being driven, hardworking, full of motivation and big goals, is a huge asset and serves us pretty well in the typical Western set up of life. And it did lead me to some amazing experiences and opportunities. But for years I never saw the pattern...